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Seven Things That Make Men Love Decide

Seven Things That Make Men Love Decide
When you have a relationship with your partner for a long time, certainly hope the next is headed to the altar. But it would surprise you, when suddenly your girlfriend just broke it off, as she certainly is very painful.But before the pain sets in even hate in your heart, think about what makes your lover take this extreme step. Here are some of the reasons men memutuksan relationship with her boyfriend:Time to endWomen generally try to maintain loyalty to their partner. But unlike the men, they tend to look for someone who really fit and fit to be a life partner. If to you, he was not fit then he will leave you.They Want the Perfect CoupleEvery guy has a fantasy of each will be the ideal partner. Many men who hope to have a partner who can accept them completely, is able to show the best side and could help to develop. When a man has not found it, they will keep looking.Bad habits that he does not likeTry to understand your partner's character and identify what she likes or not. Because many men who decide his girlfriend for cleaning teeth in front of him or joked too muchGive also concernAs a woman wants you usually obeyed, have accompanied the salon or sulk dibeliin ask this or that. But have you been paying attention back when your girlfriend asked to watch or other company?Men also jealousThe man instead of a creature that has no heart so that they can also be jealous. If you are an easy person close to another man if it was a friend's office, explain to your girlfriend that closeness you only as a friend.Insistence FamilyThe relationship that you live is not just between the two of you, but between two families. Some men are forced by their families to decide her boyfriend because his family did not favor the woman. So you also must be good at taking care your boyfriend's family. Show attention to his family that you love them and you are happy with them.Afraid of commitmentMen are afraid of commitment often misunderstood. Commitment is something that can not be avoided when a man really wanted to build a relationship. But he was afraid of commitment because they felt it did not fit with the relationship started or do not feel comfortable with her lover.
Well, you try to think well well now ...
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Your sign is Associated With the Wrong People

Your sign is Associated With the Wrong PeopleA love affair that has been running long, but there are also culminate in marriage sometimes begs the question "Is he the right person?".
Here are some signs that you have chosen a partner that is not right.
1. Not happyDespite having a partner, but when you do not feel happy with him. In fact, not infrequently you deliberately avoid meeting schedules and dating. if unhappiness is struck, for what a relationship should be continued?
2. Feel inferior when with friendsTogether the couple did not make you smile happily, otherwise feelings of low self-esteem actually hit. The attitude of the dominant pair and make you always feel superior to make mistakes. Whatever you do though was never enough for him.
3. Keep you away from his family tooAs couples would like to have your own. Let alone to stay in touch with friends, meet and take care of your parents he was reluctant to do so. Rather than come to the house and familiarizing yourself with family, lovers prefer to set appointments to meet you somewhere else. For example, a shopping center.
4. Not having the same goalIf you want a relationship leading to a serious level, of course, you and your partner should have the same life goals. If you already run a relationship for so long, but you and your partner still does not have the same goal, so it's good to reassess the relationship.
5. Denying the truthYou have to realize there is something wrong with the relationship being undertaken. But for whatever reason, you continue to denial. Sometimes the pressures of life that continues to grow and the desire to get married to make your heart and mind can not see the mistakes in the relationship. Do not get stuck in this error, and make the decision that you will regret for life.
Choosing a life partner is not something that should be done in a hurry and in pressure especially ketepaksaan. Do not let one choose a life partner.
Hopefully happy!
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Rules In Football

Rules In Football
For international matches adult, international soccer field used in length ranging between 100-120 meters and 65-75 meters wide. In the middle of both ends of the field, there is a hurdle in the form of square area measuring four meters in width and height 7:32 2:44 meters. At the front of the penalty area found the net within 16.5 meters of a boundary keeper gawang.Area should catch the ball with their hands and determine when a violation awarded a penalty kick or not.
Long game
Older normal football game is 2 × 45 minutes, plus a 15-minute break between the two innings. If the same position draw, extra time then held for 2 × 15 minutes, to get the winner, but if the same strong then held on penalties. The referee can determine how much additional time at the end of each round instead of the time lost due to substitutions, injuries who need help, or other termination. The extra time is referred to as stoppage time or injury time.
Goals scored in extra-time will be calculated into the final score of the game, while the only goal from a penalty shootout to determine if a team can advance to the next game or not (does not affect the final score). In the late 1990s, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) a system of golden goal (golden goal) or silver goal (silver goal) to finish the game. In the golden goal system, the first team to score in overtime last will be the winner, while the silver goal, which led the team at the end of the first half of extra time to come out a winner. Both systems are no longer used by the IFAB.
ViolationThe referee was giving a yellow card.
If the players are pretty tough offense the referee may give a warning yellow card or a red card. The match will be stopped and the referee showed the card to the front of the player who violated then recorded his name in the book. The yellow card is a warning for violations such as being unsportsmanlike, constantly breaking the rules, odds of words or actions, to delay restarting the game, and out of the game without the referee's consent, or do not keep their distance from the opposing player who was a free kick or throw-in. The player who receives two yellow cards and a red card would get out of the game.
Players who receive a red card must leave the game without being able to be replaced with other players. Some examples of actions that can be red card is a serious offense causing harm or injury to the opponent, spitting, violence, breaking opponents who are trying to score a goal, hitting the ball to prevent a goal, and using language or gestures that tend to be challenging.
Referees and match officials
In the professional game, there are 4 officers who led the game, the referee, two linesmen, and an officer at the edge of the field. The referee had a whistle that indicates whether the current stop or start playing ball. He also served punishment and warnings for the violations that occurred in the field. Each lineman is responsible for overseeing half of the field. They took the flag with bright colors to indicate violation, ball out, or offside. Usually they will move with the last defender position.
Last officer has a duty to record all the time which had been halted during the tournament and provide info on extra time at the end of each round. Officer is also on duty checking substitutions and be a liaison between the team manager with the referee. In some games, the use of video technology or the use of the fifth person to determine the accuracy of the referee's decision began to be used. For example, to determine whether a ball has crossed the line or whether a player is in an offside when scoring.
International Championship
Women's soccer game.
Championship is the biggest international soccer World Cup hosted by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The World Cup is held every four years and began in Uruguay in 1930. Originator of the idea is Jules Rimet, a French lawyer and businessman who was inspired after watching the Paris Olympics in 1924.
The world's oldest international competition is a fight for the Copa America teams in the South American region every two years. Copa America was first held in 1916 and attended by 10 countries that eventually form the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol). For North America, The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) held an international competition every four years called the CONCACAF Gold Cup. In Asia, including Australia and Timor Leste states that joined the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the first international competition held in Asia in 1956 in Hong Kong called the Asia Cup. In 1960, the European regional level competition was held for the first time as the European Nations' Cup which was then known as the UEFA European Championship (Euro Cup or EURO). [14] In the Oceania region (including New Zealand and various Pacific Islands), competition internationally every two years beginning in 1996 called the Oceania Cup. For Africa, the African Nations Cup competitions began to be held since 1957 in Khartoum.
Football in Indonesia
History of football in Indonesia began with the establishment of the All-Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) in Yogyakarta on 19 April 1930 with the leadership of Soeratin Sosrosoegondo. In the PSSI congress in Solo, the organization changed its name to All-Indonesia Football Association. Since then, football activities are increasingly being driven by the PSSI and the more people play on the road or square where the Competition I of the United diadakan.Sebagai form of support for the rise of "Football Nationality", Pakubuwono X founded the football stadium Sriwedari making Indonesia more aggressively.
Sepeninggalan Soeratin Sosrosoegondo, achievements Indonesia national football team is not very satisfactory because of coaching the national team is not balanced with organizational development and competition. In the era before the 1970's, some Indonesian players could compete in international competitions, including Ramang, Sucipto Suntoro, Ronny Pattinasarani and Tan Liong Houw. In its development, the PSSI has expanded its domestic football competitions, including the implementation of the Indonesian Super League, Premier Division, Division One and Division Two for non-amateur players, and Division Three for amateur players. In addition, PSSI also actively developing women's football competition and competition in specific age groups (U-15, U-17, U-19, U21 and U-23).
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The origin and history of Indonesian

The origin and history of Indonesian
In life, we can not be separated with the name of the language, because language is a communication tool. Moreover, the language is the best thing in the culture of a nation's identity. Before going further to know about the beginnings of the Indonesian language, it would be helpful to know in advance what the definition of the language itself. According Wibowo, in Walija. 1996 "The Indonesian Language in Conversation" reveals that the language of communication is the most complete and effective way to convey an idea, message, purpose, feelings and opinions to others, while according to the Stiawan Owen (2006:1), explains the language definition language that can be defined as a socially shared combinations of those symbols and rule governed combinations of those symbols (language can be defined as a socially acceptable code or conventional system for conveying concepts through the use of symbols and the desired combination of symbols that are regulated by rules). And there are a lot of opinions from experts on the definition of the language, but in this occasion not be discussing more about the definition of a language, but rather to give a little knowledge about the history of the beginnings of the Indonesian language we use for this.
History Beginning IndonesianToday, the nation Melanesia using the Indonesian language, as language is the "unifying language", which are important in the formal communication media, either as text or spoken language, school, office and of course the print and electronic media.There is a bright side, that 'Indonesian' plays an important role as a "bridge" of communication through linguistic diversity are different from each other (including in Papua), and allows the speakers to reach the world of modern education. But must also be aware of the downside, mainly that 'Indonesian' become dominant that other languages ​​keumgkinan be excluded. Either Batak language, Java, Bali and including 250 ethnic Melanesian languages ​​in Papua. Though the new Indonesian seriously used since 1950 in Papua by preachers and colonial officials in order to 'unify' the Papua region with other Dutch East Indies. This is in line with the Dutch colonial discrimination policy that only allows the Dutch language is taught in certain lineages.If menenggok further into the past, and the people are simply not enough known Melanesia Indonesian nationalists, as well as a Dutch colony in many ways not directly involved in the history of Indonesia's independence. Beyond that, the area is quite isolated from the Dutch colonies in the west, except for the northern coastal areas of traditional trade relations with the Moluccas. The rest is only the shadow of the prison - Digul Boven, in the majority of people are still living in the stone age (Benedict Andersson: 2002)This means that people of Melanesia, is not involved in some important historical processes, associated with the use of the Indonesian language. First, the current Indonesian as a language of unity dipermaklumkan on Youth Pledge of 1928, no one representing the nation of Papua in the incident, the second, as recommended during the Indonesian occupation to evict the Dutch language, it is not the case in Papua, especially because of military considerations and social and political conditions of the time, the Dutch East Indies Japan split into three separate colonies, and Papua under the Navy based in Makassar, the third, while Indonesian is used as a vehicle of resistance to attack colonialism topped RI 1945 declaration of independence, not just the nation of Papua ' know 'Homeland.Of these three facts, arguably the Indonesian language is the product of historical process is not fully involve the nation Melanesia. It was only in 1963 when the Old Order Trikora launched operations, and the subsequent implementation of the Act of 1969 during the New Order Indonesian started to become 'official language' in Papua.Indonesian is the official language of the Republic of Indonesia as defined in the RI Constitution 1945, Article 36. It is also the language of national unity, as implied in the Indonesian Youth Pledge October 28, 1928. However, it is only a small part of the population of Indonesia actually use it as a mother tongue because in everyday conversation unofficial Indonesian people prefer to use their mother tongue as a mother tongue as the market Malay, Javanese, Sundanese , etc.. For most other Indonesian language is a second language and for the level of official Indonesian language is the first language. Indonesian is a dialect of the Malay language is the official language of the Republic of Indonesia The word "Indonesia" is derived from two Greek words, namely Indos meaning "India" and nesos "island". So said India Indonesia archipelago means, or islands in the territory of IndiaIndonesian independence was inaugurated in Indonesia, in 1945. Indonesian language is a dynamic language, which until now continues to produce new words, either through the creation, as well as the absorption of local and foreign languages. Indonesian is the standard dialect of the Malay language Malay substantially from as revealed by Ki Hajar Dewantara in Indonesian Language Congress I in 1939 in Solo, Central Java, "the so-called 'Indonesian' language jaitoe soenggoehpoen pokoknja Melajoe which comes from 'Melajoe Riaoe ', but which soedah plus, dioebah ataoe dikoerangi menoeroet keperloean baharoe age and nature, so that the train Laloe moedah language used by the people in seloeroeh Indonesia; pembaharoean language Melajoe up into the Indonesian language that the train haroes kaoem dilakoekan by experts who beralam baharoe, is natural Indonesian nationality ". or as disclosed in Indonesian Language Congress II 1954 in Medan, North Sumatra, "... that is the language of Indonesian origin Drove. Indonesian Basic language Drove which is adapted to pertumbuhannja in Indonesian society ".In history, the Indonesian language is one dialect of Malay temporal structures and treasures most are the same or similar to the previous temporal dialects like Malay Classical and Ancient Malay. Sociologically, we say so-so new that the Indonesian language is considered "born" or accepted its existence on October 28, 1928. Legally, the new date of August 18, 1945 Indonesian officially recognized.Phonology and grammar from Indonesian easy enough. The basics are essential for basic communication can be learned only in the past few weeks. Indonesian language is the language used as the conductor of education at universities in Indonesia.Bahasa Melayu in Indonesia later used as a lingua franca (lingua franca), but at that time not many people use it as a mother tongue. Usually they use the local language (which could amount to as many as 360).Initial creation of Indonesian as the national identity stems from the Youth Pledge on October 28, 1928. There, on the second National Congress in Jakarta, dicanangkanlah use Indonesian as a language for the country post-independence Indonesia. Sukarno did not choose his own language, Java (which is actually also the language of the majority at the time), but he chose Indonesian language, which he based from the language spoken in the Riau Malay.Riau Malay chosen as the language of unity of the Republic of Indonesia on the following considerations:If Java language is used, tribes or other tribe in the Republic of Indonesia will feel colonized by Javanese who are fathers (group) in the majority of the Republic of Indonesia.Java language is much more difficult to learn than the Malay language. There is also a fine language, plain, rugged and used for different people in terms of age, degree, or rank. When users do not understand the culture of Java, it could have a greater negative impression.Malay language is selected, and not the Malay Pontianak, or Banjarmasin, or Dublin, or Moluccas, or Jakarta (Betawi), or Kutai, the first consideration of the Malays came from Riau, Sultan of Malacca terakhirpun run Riau after Malacca was taken by Portuguese. Second, he was the lingua franca, the Riau Malay least affected by such of the Chinese language Hokkien, Tio ciu, to, or from other languages.Malay language users not only limited in the Republic of Indonesia. In 1945, the Malay language users than the Republic of Indonesia was colonized by the British. Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore was colonized by the British. At that time, the use of Malay as the language of unity, expected in regional countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore could be grown patriotic fervor and nationalism neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.By selecting the Malay language, the freedom fighters together again like in the past, Islam developed in Indonesia, but this time with the goal of unity and kebangsaan.Bahasa Indonesia already selected are then standardized (standardized) again with the grammar (grammar), and a standard dictionary also created. This has been done in the days of Japanese rule.
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Means of Controlling Light

Means of Controlling Light
okay I will post about controlling the means of lighting the lamp in
Means of controlling the lights in essence there are four important things, namely1. intensityTo control the light from light to dark or dark to light is usually used a device called a dimmer. With this tool, each unit diapsang lights on stage can be controlled from full lighting, slowly receding, to death at all, and vice versa. Which determines the intensity of the stage lights also powers other than dimmer lights (watt) and the dimensions of the lamp housing.A stylist can adjust the intensity of light required for the highest individual stage desired area lighting. Each and TIPA dimmer channels can be used to give balance cahay intensity from each source. Ideally it is expected that skeneri (atmosphere gestures on stage) every scene can be generated from each lighting source. The next scene may be composed of different lighting arrangement results in intensity although it is often used in the same channel dimmer.
2. colorColor is also an important role as a means of controlling the intensity of light. In the advanced technologies that have long used the intensity of the electric light as a light main stage, in the XV century not only distinguish light intensity between comedy and tragedy, but also distinguish light wana order. Warm colors used for komdei light, while cool colors are used to light the tragedy. The conception of the color so it's still in general and is still widely used until the present, but also a lot of light colors surprises cleverly created the challenge.Use light colors on the stage is very attractive because of its unique properties. On the one hand, it has properties measuring objective therefore is certain, for example, the light source, the power of the lamp, the lamp housing, or filter media (filter) the color, everything is uncertain. But the highlight color when the light bounces off the object or the cast of the hit highlight, reflected color to the eyes of the audience that could change.On the other hand, the subjective nature of color have or have psychological factors as the willingness of the director is more interested in the reflection of the colors of the actors in the eyes of the audience. Thus, the necessary skills for an individual to process the lighting objketif factors and subjective. Not only required in-depth knowledge, but also mature experience to get the best results.
3. distributionDistribution is the density, distribution, and direction of light. This would correspond well with the extent of the amount of light, the extent of the number of types of lighting fixtures, and the placement of the light position. Quality of especially light distribution provided by each type of equipment (special light bulbs or light bulbs general), the size of the light is determined by the use of dimmers, sharp or soft line is determined by the angle of light coming of light into the target, and so forth. Each of these tools depends on its type form different lighting effects. The locus of the lights were directed by kemamuan the lighting based on the plot of light (light plot). Bright light is directed to it, the light dim in point here, and so are all geared toward a target and arranged compositions platis and visual effect.There are three light distribution control devices are interconnected, ie1. general lighting control device that produces light scatter2. controlling device that has a special lamp light mengempal, and3. control devices that are in range of colors of light that highlighted the same object surface.Facts prove that skeneri, costumes, equipment, and even the makeup of the cast has the ability to absorb various hand and reflect light bulbs that need to be considered. It is very important to be taken into account in the distribution of light in a peemntasan. Even an actor who moves onstage merubahj light distribution can be calculated if not before. This is caused by the entire body, costumes, and equipment brought aadalah reflective as part of another set.
4. movementMovement, namely changes in one or more of the quality of light. Light movement can occur because of several things:1. The movement is deliberately light-driven stage crew (manual) to follow the movements of actors (usually called the follow spot).2. Movement lights set mechanically (widely used disco lights).3. Movement bristling light (dim down) and menerang (dim up), the trend setting movement dimmer lights through tools that handle only be possible through stem mechanical or electrical devices.Only with modern electronic devices, it can be implemented. One operator control lamp (manual) can handle no more than three or four resistance (resistance) or autotransformer found on the hands (handle) dimmer and that too located in adjacent groups. Movement of light when the show is running must be done carefully. If not, feared to be misleading and escape the dramatic values ​​to be achieved.Moreover, the operator who controls the lights with lamps must have a full view of the stage. With demikia, he can coordinate the movements of light or the light changes with his movements. Movement lights will provide the quality of light dynamic range of performances if he follows the patterns of good composition that is based on the value of a sense of poetry, music, visual and performance levels (think theater).
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Safely order Friendship With Ex

Safely order Friendship With ExAfter a love affair can not be sustained, many couples are choosing advanced to the relationship "just friends". Is this kind of relationship can walk or else there is always a purpose behind it?
CauseLearn why your relationship back with her ex should end. Cause love breakup can determine the success of your friendship with the former.
If you break up well because not able to undergo long-distance relationship, friendship might be better. But if you broke up because her ex cheated on and now has a new girlfriend, lest you hold grudges hidden for revenge.
Recognize your feelings and your intentions to make friends with an ex. If there is a purpose to win her back or any other purpose, you should forget the word "friends" in your relationship.
Body languageHe's now not your lover. He's just a friend like your other friends. Treat her like your other friends. That is, any kind of attention embodied in gestures such as kissing, holding hands, or hugging should not be done.
He might not feel comfortable with the treatment because of his intention to get back together just friends. If you can not control the feeling, should avoid the first meeting with the former.
PatientYou are no longer entitled to be angry or cranky even if it comes with a new person. Control your emotions and pertebal patience if you still want to have a friendship with him. Do not be too ambitious in your relationship. As a friend, would not need to meet every day or even once a week.
Do not expect a short time you and he can have a comfortable relationship with your old friends. You and he may need more time to adjust as a friend. Never push yourself or force him to accept this relationship quickly. One step, you can actually lose him as a friend and a girlfriend.
A new leafDo not make friends with the former hoping to get his love back. If your relationship is over, accept it gracefully and improve themselves in order not to repeat the same mistakes. Slowly, open a new chapter of your life. It does not hurt to open up to new people. Friendships can be easier if you and he are both moving from the past.
Help a friendIn the early days, there's no harm in asking for the help of a friend to break the ice. If you and your ex have the same friends, invite them together. The more people, so you do not have to be too focused with the former. Friends can also help remind if you do something that could make it less comfortable.
Do not trigger memoriesTry not to visit places that are too romantic or can trigger old memories. The friendship is different from ordinary friendship. One step, these friendships can be quickly ended. If it's going to go together, choose places with the neutral atmosphere and does not trigger the things that make the atmosphere becomes stiff or weird.
Close of the pastIf you and your ex have decided to be friends, then you have a deal sealed old memories. Talk about your past when you're both just going to make the uncomfortable atmosphere. No need to also bring up mistakes of the past if there are events or conversations that remind. Things like this will make the relationship uncomfortable and even potentially trigger new conflicts.
Respect his decisionIf all else has been tried but instead he was away, respect his decision. Perhaps he was not comfortable to deal with you as a friend. There are many ways to keep your relationship with her. Give him time to adjust to the situation and turn the page. Do not force him to stay in touch you if he had not felt comfortable. Build friendships slowly. Contact her at key moments such as holidays or birthdays to maintain good relations.
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Signs He Still Remember The Former

Signs He Still Remember The FormerFeeling can not let go of his ex girlfriend? Is he still has feelings for someone from the past? Let's find out!
Proximity lover with her ex did make conscious. But do not rush blindly jealous. First identify the signs.
1. Name the former often appearsIntentionally or not, often saying the name of a former lover in between conversations. There are some things that make the name of the former could not be separated from your lover's lips.
2. Relate well and interdependentNothing wrong with it if still have a good relationship with a former lover, but if interdependent, it seems excessive. If you often precede her ex lover who ask for help rather than calling or meeting with you, then this is a sign of danger. Relations and former lover means is still very strong.
3. Associated routineSay hello once in a while via SMS, BBM or social networking is certainly not a big deal. but if the communication is intense and every time, it can have other meanings. Should start asking the lover, what she is talking with her former lover every day on the phone or text message. Of the answer, you certainly can judge if something goes wrong.
4. Comparing you to her ex-loverThis is an action that sucks. Anyone would not want to be compared with others, especially with the ex lover. If your girlfriend do it, then it probably is but he could not let go of his ex with sincerity.
5. Still save relicsPhotos and gifts from her former lover is still a favorite item? We recommend that you and your lover have begun to talk about your relationship forward. Since this is a clear sign that the lover can not escape the past.
6. Lover not like the new boyfriend's exEach of the former close to other people, emotions certainly ignite your lover. This means he is still not willing to let go of his ex.
7. Still discussing the mistakes of the formerNot only a good memory could be a sign that the lover still loved her ex. sometimes complaints about his former mistakes constantly discussed could also mean that her feelings for her ex still strong.Do not forget to pay attention to other signs such as the one to call your name and got confused with the name of the former, take you to the memories with her ex or continue to listen to sad songs like the loss. This may mean, you just made solace when he lost lover.
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